We are so tiny in comparison with our universe, yet we take ourselves so fucking seriously.

(Yes, I said fucking. I won’t deny it and now I’ve said it twice).

We take ourselves so damn seriously, that you would think the vastness of space was our private little toy. Our own little play thing.

We need to lighten up. We need some rule number six.

And why not?

What caused us to become so morose and fearful? So sad, tired, and dejected?

Why do we think everything revolves and depends on us human being, when in reality we are nothing more than a talking blood balloon? Nothing more than an extremely fragile, delicate, mighty little blood balloon.

Tiny though we may be, our strength hides in our littleness and it is best observed in our seemingly insignificant connection to everything that surround us.

Divided we fall, but together we have a chance to stand strong.

Because together we have value. Together we belong. Together we don’t have to conquer anyone, or subjugate the earth for mere profit. Together we are strong. Together we can choose to cooperate and build something greater that ourselves, for a more noble reason than ourselves.

But only together and only connected with one other.

Alone we are insignificant and small. Together we are connected and strong.

We have to be grateful for our smallness.  We have to thank the maker, whomever or whatever you may dream them up to be. God doesn’t mind, but I have been wrong before.

I think God is vast and incomprehensible. He or she has a big heart, immeasurable compassion, and a loving spirit. I don’t think it’s possible to be happy on our own, without a connection to others, and ultimately something greater than all of us.

I believe Allah hides in all things. I think Yahweh can be found in all things.

In the song of a Robin building her nest. In the space-shuttle, fighting the gravitational pull of the earth as it leaves to uncharted space. In the laughter of friends, in the tears of children, and in the protons and electors hiding inside a large rock.

I don’t think it really matters what you and I think, or believe, or who we choose to worship (if we choose to worship anything at all). I think we have become good at creating a lot of needless divisions, in all areas of our life, because we are scared, perhaps scared of death and we try to make everything which appears big become really small. We find comfort in our own little toys. Our own tiny little play things.

It is very noble to believe in a creator. It takes courage to become a Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist or a Muslim. It helps not to feel so small all the time. It also unites you and forms a community of other like minded people. It gives you strength. But as much as it helps, it will cripple you something fierce if all you do is lay down and play small.

The universe is not your toy.

You can get strong when you connect with people and natural flow of things.

It doesn’t matter if other people don’t believe in the same things as you, or speak your language, or understand your ideas, or observe your customs. You don’t have to be them and they don’t want to be you, but you need each other.

You need each other to discover who you are. To understand your mistakes and talents. You need each other so you can better navigate through life. You need each other to understand the meaning of life.

You need each other because you were never meant to be alone.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Greg Rakozy via unsplash.com