We all love big moments.

We love stories of momentous transformation. Rags to riches. Overcoming addiction. Massive weight loss. Finding the courage to walk away from an abusive relationship. Stories that make us pause and reflect on our own lives. Stories that give us hope. Adventures that give us as a reason to change.


Those momentous moments are extremely rare, and upon some analysis, often do so very little in our lives.

They bear no lasting impact. Produce very little change. Influence and move us to do nothing. Achieve a mouse’s fart of energy.

The momentous moments are very nice, of course, and we should pause once in a while, to reflect on them, but it’s the tiny little things, the insignificant moments in our life, that will have a deeper and more lasting effect on your life. Far more than you might care to believe or give them credit.

Those tiny little things.

Those tiny little decisions.

One less cigarette. One less beer. Or one less cup of coffee.

A small French Fry instead of the usual large or medium. A ten-minute walk. A quick and unimaginative text message, to someone who’s voice you haven’t heard in a very, very, long time.

Perhaps a new book. A new album you’ve never heard. A conversation with a random stranger.

How about distancing yourself from a verbal or digital confrontation? Turning away from complaining? How about being silent and not saying what you’re really thinking?

What about having a little patience with yourself? Giving yourself a chance to breathe. A chance to be forgiven. An opportunity to try again. A chance to rest. A moment to forget. A little instant to remember.

Trust the little things.

They come and go so quickly. They appear suddenly. Uninvited and they leave without permission or without uttering a sound.

But there is no need to chase after them. No need to be sad at their departure. Unlike the big moments we always gather to stare at, little things, come and go, all the time.

The next one is just around the corner.

The next tiny little moment, is practically at your beck and call. And all you have to do, is to decide, and go out to greet it. Embrace it. Reach for it. Find it.

You are the only one that can meet that moment. You are a tiny little thing too.

Don’t expect an invitation.

Don’t expect angels announcing any arrivals. Don’t expect the Magi, or the star from the East. But do expect greatness from yourself.

Expect it, because there is tremendous dignity in being who you are. Despite the fact that you’ve left some parts of your life a bit dormant, for a bit too long.

You’re a bit dusty, me thinks. A touch stale and musty.

It’s time for a change.

A little change. A tiny, calculated movement, towards something new.

No matter what you do however, remember, that there is always another chance. Another moment. Another turn. Another opportunity, and you don’t need a formal invitation.

No matter what you do, you can always return. You can come back, time and time again.

You can return to your life amongst the tiny, little things, and that’s because life has hidden her mysteries, in those tiny, little things.

So, have a beautiful day.

Full of insignificant tiny little moments. Unaccounted. Unobserved opportunities, that show you who you are and desire to be.

If the whole world is too big of a place, perhaps you can reveal yourself to someone you love. Someone that would really love to steal a moment of your time.

A moment of time.

Such a tiny, insignificant, little thing.