There is no yesterday and its foolish talk about tomorrow. 

What exists is today.  Right now.  Knowing and living this reality might be the difference between what you dream about and what you wake up to. 

There is a great energy that comes from living in the moment.  There is a powerful opportunity that presents itself, but only today.  It is a reality that did not exist yesterday, and one that has yet to be manifested tomorrow.

I’m not breaking any new ground here.  We are all believers.  We’ve all heard the Carpe Diem chant.  We raised our fists.  Sang the song.  We’ve all uttered the cry of possibility.   

We all hear it.  We believe it.  We understand it.  We graciously applaud it.  Even suffer for it. 

Yet, here we sit, motionless, tired, and dejected.

We say we know the meaning of today, yet we struggle to achieve momentum, or any movement for that matter.

Perhaps one of our problems is that we are looking to make a big leap, or are expecting something huge that will transform our life in a moment.  We are waiting for that sudden and unexplained gust of wind that will fill our sails and force us on our way.  We mistakenly expect God and His angels to come down from heaven and serve us.

Life is here today.  It moves in tiny little insignificant way, through tiny little insignificant things.  Progress hides in the things we think are not important.

This is not our universe. 

We are perpetual guests, and therefore as guests we should appreciate the fact that everything in our life matters.

The majestic, century old Oak tree, for example, that stretches its branches far and wide, was once a tiny seed.  A little sapling that no one payed attention to or noticed it as it patiently grew, ever so slowly.  It took a lot of insignificant time for that Oak tree to reach its full potential, when we finally arrive and spend but a fleeting moment in its shadow. 

We must remember that everything in the universe is somehow connected, and since all is one, there is no such thing as an insignificant or unimportant gesture or action.  It all matters.

Our dreams of our future do indeed begin with a solitary step.  Today needs to be the day we not only take that step but remember to keep walking.

We must smile.  Say please and thank you.  Make strangers laugh.  Buy them a coffee. 

We must stand outside for even a minute, arms outstretched, welcoming the warmth of the sun.  We should change the oil in our car.  Do our homework.  Prepare our taxes.  Cook dinner.  Even have a bowl movement.

It matters.  It all matters, somehow, some way.

When we don’t do what we should, we burden our tomorrow.  What a loss.  Imagine if what we could have done today, was done, and we had more time tomorrow.  What would you do with it?

A lot of my own frustration has been caused over the years by wakeful sleepwalking.  A state of living non-existence.  I often put things off for another day and promised to focus on it tomorrow. 

We need to change our habits and our perception of time. 

We need to take charge and focus on the insignificant little things in our lives. 

Don’t let the urgency and priority of something fool you into thinking that its important.  It is only urgent; its importance is a mystery. 

When your child asks you to play.  Play.  They won’t be a child tomorrow.  When you feel, you haven’t spent enough time with your friend.  Go and see them.  They won’t be around tomorrow.

Don’t get stuck in a run. 

You’re not as tired, busy, or as overwhelmed, as you tell yourself you are.  Focus on the insignificant little tiny things in your day.  The things that require only a bit of sustained effort and leave you with a bit more time tomorrow.

It is that tiny little bit that makes a difference.

Don’t get stuck living a superficial life or wait to be happy in some distant future.

Don’t wait for Heaven. 

Heaven is not there to make you happy.  You must understand that it is your responsibility to arrive at its door step, in full joyfulness.  It is a gathering centre of likeminded souls.  It is not a place for dreamers and could have beens.

Go get unbusy. 

Do something insignificant. 

Do it well, and feel the energy of being alive.