It’s time to purge and clean house.

There seems to be a new sense of clarity permeating my life.  A clarity that had not been there before for a long, long, time. 

I wake up with a purpose.  I hustle with intensity.  I breathe deep.  I slow down.  I enjoy living, instead of struggling through existing.

It has become abundantly clear that it is time to chuck some things.

I need to accelerate the great purge.

I have too many xxl t-shirts, not to mention pants that are too wide.  I have oversized formal dress shirts, that await the bigger me, and have always been on standby, just in case I gain a few extra-pounds.  A sad cost saving measure.

My mind is struggling to grasp who I am and who I want to be.  It is a fight.

Unless my mind comes to understand and believe where we are going, it is inevitable that I will once again swing back to the natural state of my previous existence.

No chance.

This has always been a part of my problem.

It’s like smoking your last cigarette, or just finishing off the last pack.  It’s like waiting til Monday, waiting til just after Christmas, or just after the long weekend, or after your birthday, or after the vacation, or after, after, forever ever after.

It’s time to chuck. 

Sorry Chuck.  Time to go.

Time to purge fervently, with one eye open, and both hands swinging.

No man nor woman who puts her hand on the plow, but looks back, is fit for the Kingdom of Heaven. 

No man nor woman who tries to change, but spreads breadcrumbs, is fit to dance with their dreams.

The ugly part of organized religion has confused our gaze. 

We have sadly accepted our failed human state as the norm, and have despondently adopted a posture of death. 

Some of us wake up each morning, angry that we must face another day.  And while we make ourselves a coffee, we rush around with no real purpose or direction, remaining miserable throughout the day.  We congregate with our noxious friends like roaches, forming a pestilent colony of misery. We spew venom from our mouths and gossip about anyone and everyone who seems happy.  Then we go to bed, awaiting retirement, and the promise of paradise that is to come.

What a crock of shit.

I am eternally certain that the people who are in heaven, want no piece of that action.

We need to dress up, if we want to attend the party.  Some of us need to certainly shower.

We need to decide in our mind what we want, because what we want, will ultimately be delivered.

It doesn’t matter what you put in the mind.

We live in an abundant universe.  What you ask for, will come your way.

You may not believe me.  You might be skeptical and think that you will always be in debt and that there is not enough of anything to go around, but just fathom the fact that every 39 minutes and new millionaire is made in the United States alone.

You should try embracing abundance.  At least go on a couple of dates.

Control your gossip.  Swat away all thoughts of negativity and misery.  Think positively.  Think hopefully.  Think about your dreams, and wait to see what happens.

Don’t wait a day, or a week, or a month.  Real change is slow and deliberate.

I have no idea what is going on in my life anymore.  Random strangers are coming up to me in all sorts of places, just to tell me about their lives.  If you knew me well, you would know that I hid for a very long time.  Hid and run from everything and everyone.  I remained dormant.  I dreamed from a distance.  I kept my mouth shut.  My eyes to the ground.  My thoughts to myself.

Today, if I see you, no matter who you are, I would love to talk to you.  About anything.  For as long as I can.

I call this living.

It is time to shed some clothes.  It is time to get some new threads.  Sexy threads even.

There is no going back.  

It is time to plow ahead.

No plan B. 

No return ticket.

It is the perfect time to destroy our limiting thoughts, and embrace abundance.