It’s time to lead.

The time is here for you to hold your feelings of inadequacy in check and take your rightful place in this world as a leader.

Lead where you are and lead with what you’ve got. Lead through your mistakes, and despite you many failings or mistakes. Take on more leadership in your life even if you don’t know what to do next, but accept the critical task to lead.

Don’t sit on the side any longer. Don’t wait to be chosen. Ignore all of the naysayers and doubters who will never lower their voice of detraction no matter how long you wait for them to do so. You were born to lead. Without a doubt. You were born to win. You have that divine  innate ability to make a difference and impact the whole world. Impact the whole world by impacting the world around you.

I mean, why else do you think you’re here?

We need you to be you and we need you to lead.

Leadership is not something reserved for a few, chosen, well educated, confident, adequately trained men and women. Leadership is something specifically tailored to you and you need to accept it.

No more small talk. No more hiding. No more spending your days dreaming of how different life could be if this or that was different in your life. It’s time to lead. Time to lead the charge of change. It’s not as difficult as you might think. It requires making some choices and most of all reinstating all dominance over your life.

This is not a time to be superstitious. Nor is it a time to think that you can’t do things because outside forces are controlling resources or your own happiness. No one is to blame for where you are or who you are. Life is not a series of decisions to get through and overcome. It is not a mathematical ledger of successes and failures. Life is a fluid universal totality of everything. It is an infinite dance, and in this beautiful dance, life expects you to lead.

Life knows what she is doing. It has been here dancing since the beginning of time. You are new. Your desires and experience is new and so you have to take the lead. You have to dictate the terms of your happiness. It is you that has to draw up a blueprint and work hard to construct who you wish to be and nothing will happen without leadership.

You need to be a leader for your children, because those eyes are always looking, always listening, forever taking cues from every action we take and not take. They want to know if they should lead too and if mom or dad doesn’t want to lead, they will be very reluctant to do so.

My father didn’t want to be a fighter. He didn’t want to fight the communist government by illegally reporting on the truth in his country. He didn’t want to do any of it, and he certainly didn’t want to go to jail. And without any doubt, he didn’t want to leave his country, his family, all his friends, and everything he held dear at the age of fifty five. But his country needed a leader. People needed to hear the truth. Someone had to do it and when he looked around, not enough people wanted to do what everyone should have been willing to do.

We have to lead.

It’s very hard to make any difference in any walk of life when there are always but a few, but if we all find the courage to lead, things will change. If we all take charge and rise up, magical things will happen. For us and for them.

It’s time to lead. Time to confidently work to make our lives and the lives of those around us better, and where else could we end up in the end but paradise?


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Jehyun Sung via