You’ve been dreaming of a future you want to french kiss with all your night for a very long time.  You’ve even made progress. You’ve made small and big strides. You’ve made plans, worked your to-do lists, failed, rose up again, and failed again.

But its time to hustle.

A little hustle or a lot of it, depending on where you are is what you need.

You don’t hustle when you don’t know where you’re going. You don’t hustle when you are not ready to commit, but if you clutch to a map, and shuffle your feet forward, the only thing left to do is to hustle.

Your dreams won’t arrive any faster when you become idle and lethargic. They won’t run towards you like loved ones welcoming back their sons and daughters from a war. Your dreams and your happiness will not offer you any short cuts or an easier path. They can’t, there are no short cuts and all paths have their cost.

Your dreams require all of you. They want your whole being. Your whole life. Jealously. Covetously. Accompanied with a resounding yes, and purposeful steps that show how much you want it.

A good hustle shows how much you want it.

When an opportunity arrises say yes. It will be sudden. It will be inconvenient. It will not be the right time. You won’t be ready. You’ll have a several excuses as to why something else is important and why you can’t do it, but stop yourself and let go. Leap into something you’ve never done. Risk being a fool. Risk stepping backwards, because if you don’t, you won’t hustle.

It’s time to hustle.

What are you waiting for?

There is no invitation. Your dreams don’t have a schedule that demands you show up from 9-5.

Thats’s just it. There is no limit to life. The more you hustle and get into life, the more things will suddenly open up for you. Possibilities that were not there at the horizon. And whey you get to those new horizons, you will see even more. It will never end. It is endless. It is perpetual. It is simply wonderful.

Act now.

Act without worry.

Act with a purpose.

Learn to hustle.

Perfection is the devil’s mistress. A seductive and cunning strumpet. A crippling and agonizing whore. There is nothing we can ever do that will ever please her because there is nothing in this life that is ever perfect, except for perhaps unconditional divine love. Everything else is always burdened with some kind of flaw, a crack, but thanks to Leonard Cohen, we know that that’s how the light gets in.

Let the light in.

Take the time to hustle.

Cast of your hesitation and complacency and dive ever more purposefully into your dreams.

The hustling never stops. There is always more. More life. More experience. More awe and wonder.

You can unlock it with a lot of hustle.

You can get where you’re going with a bit of hustle.

You don’t have to run, but don’t drag your feet either.

It’s time.

Time to hustle.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Lost Co via