I am going to make a greater effort to make these more personal. I have written from the heart here over the last three years but a very much philosophically. I explored the ideas that I was being exposed through and offering practical advice to myself as much as anyone else who cared to listen. 

I am transitioning from that kind of writing and I haven’t found my groove yet. Going from non-fiction to fiction is different. Non fiction tends to flow very fast now and I can’t figure out if its because I have been doing it for three years, or if its just simply easier. I won’t make a judgement on that for another three years, so stay tuned.

I have three passions in my life. Passions that consume my mind. I dream of being a great photographer, a successful fantasy writer, and I also have my foot in the door to the music business. I am of course married, with two small children, and a full time English teacher. 

I give myself a tough time sometimes, but as I sit here and reflect on what I have just written I realize that there is a reason I am always hoping to steal a little more time from somewhere and always feel like I’m behind, that I should be further ahead than I want to be.

I know the practical thing would be to let go of one of those dreams. This would give me the time and the extra effort I need to push forward with the other two, but I am three years away from early retirement which would give me a lot more time for all of them.

Perhaps I will have to say goodby to one or two of them. Successful people tend to drive forward with one single purpose, but I don’t think I need to make that decision today, but I do need to make one a priority. 

Writing has become that priority. Out of the three passions, it is the one that calls to me the most.

And I listen. I don’t know where it is taking me, but I can’t wait to see the view once I get there.


Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@mr_t55