There is no one like you.

There never was, and there never will be.

You are kind of a big deal.

We all are. 

Every single living that that flies, walks, swims, or crawls around somewhere.

You might roll your eyes at this silly idea or perhaps cringe a little. You are probably most used to deflecting many genuine compliments that come too close for comfort. Maybe you’ve become so deaf that you don’t even hear them anymore. 

You are good at changing the subject, when it comes to understanding what you are truly worth. You change the subject pretty quickly. You get uncomfortable when someone describes your uniqueness or points out the triumphant singularity of your fingerprints.

Experience has taught you that your life is so very ordinary.

Your life’s work and your daily contribution feels very average. On a good day. 

Sometimes, it all just feels like nothing at all.

Like pissing in the wind.

But despite how you feel, despite what you think, there is no one like you, and the world has been blessed because you are n it.

I wish every person would believe that. 

I wish they wouldn’t look down at their feet when they walk. I wish they would make eye contact and say good morning to one another. I wish they would strike up a conversation, on their morning commutes. I think their day would go better. Their day would be brighter. Their lives would be far more meaningful. 

I wish we were all very tired from the right things.

Tired from giving too much. Instead we feeling exhausted by hiding ourselves and pretending that very little of what we do actually matters. 

Sure, we are great pretenders.

Everything is always fine until it isn’t.

And it sometimes never was to begin with.

We have a tough time with truth.

You and I both have our hang ups. 

We have a lifetime of failures and strings and strings of mistakes. 

We have painful regrets. Memories of paths not taken. Roads that are too well travelled, but which in hindsight should have been abandoned long ago.

We have our addictions and our own share of conflicts. 

Sometimes we question everything.

Sometimes we fail to see meaning in anything. 

We sometimes fall to our knees and question our very existence. 

There is no shame in any of that.

This whole irony of being born just to die is pretty darn confusing.

It hurts like hell when you are crying at a funeral and life feels so good when you have couple of drinks in hand. Shaking your thang. Doing your thing. Waving your hands like you just don’t care.

Yes. There is no one like you.

No one.

No doubt about it.

Wether you believe it or not. It doesn’t really matter.

Facts are facts.

You’z all we’ze gotz!

Maybe you should act like you matter sometimes.

All the time.

Maybe its time you embrace a lifetime of new possibilities.

Maybe its time to dream again.

Perhaps you should get to work on some of the silly things you started when you were younger.

Maybe there is nothing silly about any them at all.

Maybe the silly part is you, not believing in yourself.

There is no one like you.

I hope you waste no more time trying to prove otherwise.