There is always something.

It never stops. Something get to. Something to get at and something to accomplish. It doesn’t seem to end and our lives resemble a long train of one thing after another after another.

It can get frustrating at times because we can never clear the deck. We can never answer all the questions satisfactorily. There is no inbox zero. There is always more. There is always something and there will always be something.

But that is not something to pity or resent. It’s nothing to run away from or avoid. There is always something and that’s how it will always be.

You might walk into your house one day to discover that your partner has taken the kids and moved out. They are never coming back. By the end of a long a gruelling day, you might be called in your bosses office and you will be let go.

Or you could be a famous guitar player, absent from your son’s life for almost a decade as you try to beat your own cocaine addiction, and than one day, after finally spending the best day of your life with him, it all ends because of a tragic accident.

There is always something it seems but no matter what we have to keep going because that is our nature and that is what we are best at doing.

Take a look at Europe sometime. It is very hard to believe that less than a hundred years ago it was ravaged by two horrific world wars. That there are parts of it where not a brick was standing on another brick. It is unimaginable to think of all that took place but it did, and today, some child is eating a strawberry gelato where once an SS officer shot another child for no reason. And right now someone is listening to Tears In Heaven and enjoying the triumph and beauty of the human spirit.

There is always something and you should prepare for it.

Prepare by accepting that you don’t have a lot of control over things and that the only thing you can do, the greatest thing you can do, is to do you very best, no matter what the outcome. You should also learn to let go and not think too much about what has been and what will be. Accept yourself for who you are, warts and all because our memory is fickle anyway. Nobody remembers and sometimes nobody cares, so you might as well live your life to the fullest because you can.

You can and you should not get discouraged because there will always be something. Something undesirable to deal with but also something magical that we never in a thousand lifetimes would have ever expected.

There is always something and there is always you.

Don’t forget that you are more important that all your failures or misspent attempts to be something you’re not. Don’t forget to let go of things that hold you back. There will always be something so forget everything and just do your thing.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Jason Leung.