There are no secrets to success, but yet we certainly sell it as such. We talk of special formulas concocted in a dark secret labs, under the nefarious supervision of mysterious men and women who have been sworn to absolute secrecy. We believe that some of us have been given the special ability to speak to God and talk to angels. We speak of new ways, better paths, and forgotten secrets that will make everything better.

But perhaps life and success is a bit mysterious because we haven’t put in the work yet and haven’t given ourselves the chance to behold it.

I realize that it seems that for some success and happiness comes easy and I don’t want to take anything away from anyone who get rich quick, produces a hit song, or finds the love of their life in the early days of preschool. 

But what about the rest of us?

Why do we react to other peoples success and to other people’s stories by admiring them and failing to pursue our own. It’s like we think there are limited toys out there, and when we see someone with a toy we really, really wanted, we feel that there is no hope in hell we are ever going to get to play with it. But that’s silly. There is enough for everyone and there is room for all of us.

If you really stop and think about it we have no need to write any more books or to record any more songs. It would be impossible to read or to listen to everything that has already been created and we are not talking about junk. Some of the greatest music and words have already been crafted and you couldn’t possibly explore a sliver of it if you devoted your life and chose this as your life’s mission.

But just because we have enough of everything doesn’t mean that you and I cannot contribute more. After all, you either believe you were born for a reason, or you tragically think that you have been cursed to live out this existence and are wagering your misery against the winnings of some kind of after life.

We need to write and make more songs. We need to create new delicious dishes. We need to reinvent, rediscover, repackage, and reintroduce some of the best things about being human.

There are no secrets. There are only fully engaged men and women who deeply desire for their life to mean something. Men and women who desire to share their life with those they meet. Desire to lend a hand and accept a lift when they need it.

We have to shift our mind from believing all the good toys are taken and embrace the idea of possibility. 

Think of what you can do. Today, right now. Not tomorrow, or the next day, when you feel ready. Don’t wait for secrets, or the heavens to open up and for God to send you special messengers so you can get moving.

Get moving. Get at it. Live your life like its the only one you’ve got, because in truth it is the only life you’ve got, and it ain’t gonna live itself.

Cover photo generously provided by photographer Say De Silva.