Why are we always surprised that the unexpected happens? Why are we so afraid to be in the flow and dare to explore the unknown and embrace the undiscovered?

We focus all our attention on sucking the nuance out of everything we do because deep down, somewhere unbeknownst to us we really abhor change. We dislike anything that appears different, unfamiliar, or is riddled with any adversity. We are quite timid and easily excitable. Sometimes asking a person to do something in a different way is like asking  for the lion and the lamb to lay down together.

There is something in us that resists. There is something in us that wants to know for certain that what we are getting into or doing will leads to great things.

But we are not in control.

Just like an ant who goes out searching for food for her queen, our lives are subjected to a greater force and a higher power. We cannot see beyond ourselves. We are limited. Limited in what we know, in what we see, and where we are. We cannot see the fruits of our labour in the distance and so we often stop ourselves before we have a chance to finish.

Expect the unexpected. You’ve heard this countless times before because it is a tired old cliche. But perhaps we should bring it back to life just like Doctor Frankenstein.

Perhaps we should teach ourselves to get a thrill of not knowing what is coming next. Maybe we should be on guard not to fall into ruts, to watch our habits, to dare and try everything and anything. Perhaps we should never say ‘I don’t know’, ‘I can’t’, ‘I’m not ready’, or ‘I’m not good enough’.

Expect the unexpected because its the only predictable thing we can count on.

Every day brings forth a new set of possibilities. Each new day presents to you new moments with which to explore your humanity and divinity. Yes, divinity!

I think we sell ourselves short. I think we don’t think much of ourselves. We convinced ourselves that we were born to crawl, fight, and covet, when in fact we were born to fly, get along, and share.

You should get over yourself.

You should abandon some of your plans and explore new possibilities. Get into a tickle fight with uncertainty. Wrestle a little bit with things unknown. Embrace your humanity by leaping forward, eyes closed, if that makes it easier, into a story that is unwritten and full of hope.

Change your plans today. Alter your route. Get home by taking different set of roads. Sit somewhere else. Eat something else. Stay late. Leave early.

Do anything.

Do everything.

Do something, to smack yourself out of the monotony of in which you find yourself.

Expect the unexpected. Get in the flow. Don’t fear what you don’t know. There is a whole beautiful world out there. A whole world of undiscovered potential and possibilities. A world that awaits your company, if you’re willing to let go and be surprised.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Jairo Alzate via unsplash.com