Let me first apologize for yesterday.  It was undoubtedly a long read. 

I’m sorry. 

What can I say?

Let’s just call it context and move on.

I promise to keep things short-er from now on, so let’s begin with brief overview.

There are three circles in the Hierarchy of Stealing Time

There is the Circle of UntouchabilityThe Circle of Harvest.  And.  The Ring of Waste.

The Circle of Untouchability should always remain clean and relatively undisturbed.  It is a sacred space, but on occasion, certain parts of the circle can be negotiated and borrowed against our future life, so long as we are diligent in paying it back.  Time should never be stolen from the Circle of Untouchability.

The Circle of Harvest, on the other hand, offers us a real opportunity to negotiate, borrow, and steal time we need to fulfill our desires.  This is where time is known to hide.  Like a tiny pest, a dirty little cockroach, it lays around in darkness and scatters when we look for it.

The Ring of Waste.  Well, it is the last circle, because we know it so well, but find it the most difficult to plunder.  It is a ring that requires our immediate attention.  There is never a good reason to negotiate, borrow, or steal time from the Ring of Waste.  Just close your eyes and flush.

I welcome you to the three circles that make up the Hierarchy of Stealing Time.

Now for three simple rules.

  1. At the top we negotiate and borrow
  2. In the middle we plunder and steal
  3. At the bottom we flush

Tomorrow we begin with The Circle of Untouchability.