Life get demanding sometimes. The seas become rough. The sky grows dark and lighting crashes down without mercy. Nobody said life would be easy but we sometimes wish it be and there are periods in our life, sometimes very long periods, when we feel the weight of the world on our chest, we struggle to take a breath, and even the little things that would normally never bother us give us pause and evoke trepidation.

Life is very demanding but that works in our favour.

Life works with us. She does not work against us

I’m not sure if we would ever do anything on our own. I for one would be probably in a perpetual napping patter, always on the verge of something great, always making plans, and waiting just a little more, to feel a little more good enough, and to believe to be deserving enough. Life would pass me by if I was left to my own devices. I don’t believe there would be much movement on my part, but life forces us outside of our comfort zones and we are much better for it.

Life is just more meaningful that way.

It’s perfect the way it is, even with all of the daily struggles.

Life is great because while you wake up one day tired from the night before. While you arm yourself with a cup of coffee to steady your nerves to begin the day. While you fight your thoughts on your drive to work, suddenly at the right time in the distance you see a magnificent combination of deep blue, royal purple, and beautiful orange.

It’s a semblance of a sunrise. The depths of which would never be born without the preceding darkness and everything that come before. It is all connected. It cannot be broken up into pieces and rifled through like a yard sale.

Don’t ever give up on your sunrise. Don’t ever quit or abandon your dreams, your hopes, or your desires. Don’t you dare whisper or whimper that you no long have any. You do, you just haven’t taken the time to explore what they are, or perhaps you have forgotten, and done nothing about it.

Life is very demanding but don’t get confused. Know the sound of her voice.

There are many things in life that lead to nowhere. There are many things we do that waste time or give us the illusion of progress. Things that when they are gone prove to have done nothing to change our life for the better. We are filled with many habits, routines, and commitments, which imprison us and give us high blood pressure.

Focus on the sunrise. Yearn and beg life to see it. Life is demanding but she is extremely fair. You may not always get what you think you’re going to get, but in my experience, you’ll rarely be disappointed.

There are many people that have a deep desire to watch a sunrise or a sunset, and they work so hard, to get away some day and earn a vacation. While on vacation, in order to forget themselves they drink so much that they forget to get up for the sunrise, and they are too busy to notice the sunset.

Life gets demanding sometimes. The seas get rough, but there will always be a sunrise. Don’t miss it and don’t forget there is meaning to be had if you make it a priority to find it.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Martin Fu via