There is a natural rhythm to life.

Like the human heart we experience systolic and diastolic pressures.

We have ups and we have downs. We have periods of feeling great and we have periods when we are down. We get warn down. Tired. Sluggish and a touch irritable. 

At those downturns of our daily movements, which are bound to come sooner or later, it is important to remember that we become very vulnerable and susceptible to all form of pessimism and self-doubt.

When you get tired. When you need rest, you don’t think straight. You manage to get through the day but you are looking at the events in your life through a dirty and distorted lens. You will often magnify things and blow them out of proportion. What on any other day will only seem like a nuisance of sorts or maybe something that you roll your eyes at, suddenly becomes a very big deal.

You will get distracted. Your purpose will get derailed. 

You will obsess over nothing and you won’t let it go.

This is often where people quit. This is when and where they abandon their plans and dreams to fight windmills with the likes of Don Quixote. 

You will get tired. Thats a given.

If you’re up to something, anything, get ready to be tired. It’s inevitable. It’s a law inscribed into the rhythm of life. It’s something beautifully and natural.

In life there is a cost for everything. A Newtonian law. For every action there is a reaction. In order to generate heat for example, a fire has to consume the pieces of wood.

You’re going to get tired.

You’re life will dip down into a valley of sluggishness.

You may be tired right now.

But make sure you find yourself on the right side of tired.

People often get tired because the either work too much or they are at the other end of the spectrum and get tired because they’re extremely lazy. Both are terrible places to find yourself at anytime in your life. The recovery process is most difficult because you are grinding it out inside a vicious circle. Your tired is cyclical. You find yourself inside the eye of a hurricane. It will take you great strength and effort to get out. 

You want to be on the right side of tired.

If you have a vision. If you have a good plan. If you’re executing that plan and vision, you can’t help but get tired.

And its a different kind of tired. It has a different DNA structure.

It’s a kind of tired that doesn’t call you names. Doesn’t question your integrity. Doesn’t whine and complain about the work that looms ahead. Its the kind of tired that accepts things for what they are. Realizes that there is a downturn and an upturn. It meets those turns along the path. It doesn’t fight the current. It respects and appreciates the fact that being tired means you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

If there is heat, the piece of wood is paying the price for the warmth.

If you’re tired, you are making your way towards your dreams.

So don’t lose heart on the downswing of things. 

Rest up. Take a nap. Recover and relax.

Don’t be afraid of the right side of tired.

This is where you want to be.

You’re simply paying the cost and that should make you smile.