Sometimes the only choice that is left is to simply hang on, get through the day, and await tomorrow. And you should do whatever you have to do in order to tomorrow because it truly matters. It matters for you and it matters for us. 

Tomorrow always comes and is always full of promise. Always! Despite of what the pessimists say and what the news narrowly focuses on. They are wrong if they believe the future to be empty or of bring more of the same. The days ahead of us are exciting because they are unknown. The days ahead is a blank, unpainted canvas. What you paint on that canvas, or if you choose to paint at all, is really up to you. But the fact that you get a new canvas, that you get a second chance, that you get more time to do the things you love or for you to repair what has gone wrong, that is undeniable.

Too many people live inside their head. They are depressed and some are suicidal. Others are addicted to pain killers, or drugs of all kinds. I used to think that they were the minority, and I don’t know the actual numbers, but it seems we have an epidemic. We have a crisis of the mind and what we need to train ourselves to do is to always remember that the next day is an unwritten tomorrow.

It’s so magical to know that the future is unwritten and despite what the psychics and so called visionaries proclaim, it is undetermined and we are free to choose to be and do whatever we please. Yes, some things take longer than others, but we are free to undertake them, and tomorrow offers us that chance.

It’s magical because if you’ve got wonderful things going on in your life. If you have a family you love, or are enjoying anything, the next day you are granted the power to do it all over again. To go deeper and wider into those relationships. To become more masterly in your craft.

It’s magical because if your life has gone to shit, tomorrow flushes away all the things you have burdened yourself with. It truly does. No. Your problems don’t go away. They will be there waiting for you when you open your eyes, but the chance to do something about them, to rise up once again, to fight, to learn, to grown, and to kick some ass will always be there for you.

Tomorrow is a blank canvas but we can’t take it for granted. We can’t just wake into tomorrow and drag our feet. We have to wake up, knowing that we have some work to do.

If you want to live a better life, I urge you to turn off all the pessimists in your life. Stop reading or listening to the news. Stop following celebrity gossip. Stop binge watching shows that add nothing to your life. Stop arguing without having an end or purpose in mind. Start encouraging people Buy them a coffee. Offer them a helping hand. Ask them how they are really doing or feeling. Give them your time. Give them your best effort. Give them your best self. Give them your love and be tired because you’ve spent your time making the world better, instead of absorbing the hate and misery that the world flings in our direction.

Suicide and depression is far too common. It makes for great scenes in movies and for great government initiatives. Shit is real. Dealing with shit is real. None of that is going any anytime soon. I only hope and pray that those that are in the midst of a storm. Those souls who have covered every inch of their canvas with their pain, find the courage and patience to welcome a new morning. To embrace their freedom once again. To rise from the ashes like the Phoenix, and remember that there will always be another tomorrow.

There is great promise and hope in the next day.

Cover photo generously provided by photographer Ian Espinosa.