It’s been two and a half years and I’ve avoided suffering the dreaded writers block. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying in arrogance, simply because a long time ago I write that I agree with Seth Godin that there really is no writers block. In extension the many things that block are dreams are really not there either.

Writing is not easy. Coming up with new things to say each and every day isn’t easy either, but there is no writers block. What there is on the other hand is the willingness to write or not to write. A willingness to write something good or not so good. Many of us get stuck, and I got stuck for years, waiting for everything to be good before I began. I embraced writer’s block, or not having enough talent, or education, or whatever else I came up with as a reason why I cannot have the life I dream of having.

I prove myself right every single day. I do a little something and than the next day I do a little more, and after a few days go by, a few weeks disappear, and I look back after a year or so, the things I’ve managed to do and the person I have become amazes me.

It is never quite as I imagined it, and the work is always more complicated but extremely rewarding. It is never quite as I imagined but it is always worth it.

Writing is worth it. Chasing my dreams is so worth it. Having a positive outlook on life and wanting to experience a meaningful existence no matter what the circumstance are the foundations of a great life.

What’s holding you back?

What can you do today that you know you should. What do you feel you’re not ready to start or continue. Get at that, and accept that you might do it badly. But I have good news, tomorrow you can work and fix badly, there is no way in hell you can fix that which doesn’t exist in the first place.


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