In the bible there is all this talk about a mustard seed. A thing so tiny that when given time and space matures into an enormous tree where birds find shelter and the human eyes find beauty. This is an metaphor for faith and life, yet although we understand it intellectually, we tend to ignore it because we never plant ours.

We don’t plant our mustard seed. We don’t take the initiative and develop the discipline to move close to our dreams one tiny speck at a time. After all, its a speck, so insignificant that I could do it tomorrow or the next day. This type of thinking traps us into doing nothing or waiting for the next wave of excitement to sweep us of our feet.

But what would happen if we planted that seed? Decided that we want this thing. Specifically. Could articulate exactly what we want and knew exactly how much time and money it will take us to get it? What if we planted that insignificant little seed with timid steps and watered it every day. Not on the weekends, not when the weather is better, and certainly not when it is convenient and when we find the time.

What if we found the time each and every day? What if we nourished it and waited, worked and prepared for the next day? What if we did this for years instead of a few weeks? Where would we be? What would we be talking about? How great would life be, if we only developed the faith of a mustard seed.

Much of this sounds like a nice fairy tale. Something that belongs in a two thousands year old book. Wisdom that applies to everyone else but ourselves, but those fairytales and those ancient texts of wisdom were written for us. They exist for us to embrace our humanity and find a way to live out our dreams. Nobody else can do it for you. You have to do it for yourself. 

Do it by planing something today and carving out just a little bit of time to give it time to grow because little things really do matter. 


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