The greatest discovery you can make today is not to find out what you lack or need but rather what you have and who you already are.

The task is easy but it’s not. It seems easy because we live inside our skin all day long. We do nothing else but explore who we are, but the task is complex because we don’t really see ourselves for who we are. That privilege has been given to other people. People who have chosen and taken the time to know and love us. People who care enough to share and shape who we are. But even perfect strangers are capable of revealing to us and mirroring back to us who we really are.

On the surface this seems like a very selfish journey, but again it is not. Ultimately, all well meaning people want to know who they are because they want to connect with others and help them discover their own purpose in life as well. 

In school we were taught the scientific method. We like to isolate and divide what we know. We are like a lab technician, applying a particular skill set to a very particular task. But our lives and our happiness calls for something deeper and broader. It calls for an examination of who we are so that we may better serve the world and in turn better serve ourselves.

We are all connected. Alone we are weak and incapable of much, although we can make a lot of noise. Our success lies and will always lie in other people. We need to discover who we are in order to give back because who we are was simply given to us, without collateral. Our lives are no prepaid, or on load. They are a gift. An amazing, complex marvel that should become the focus of our lives.

But lets get back to the greatest discovery you can make. Lets get back to who you really are, and the reality that you don’t really know who you really are. You don’t know because you have let various talents of yours remain dormant. Or perhaps if they are not dormant they are well hidden. If that is the case, you have be become more active in your purpose and you cannot hide from us any longer.

You’ll be surprised what you discover about yourself if you just let go of the stories you tell yourself about yourself and do what you are capable of doing. You’ll be surprised what you will learn, and how other people will react to you if you give yourself the chance to take the stage, instead of mending props in the back somewhere.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. This is not a trial, and if we like it, we get to go to Heaven and do it for real this time. Life is complete and you are complete. 

Complete in every sense but like all good things, none of this is obvious or easy.

Start discovering who you are and what you are a capable of doing and becoming.

Do it and become who you were destined to be.

Cover photo generously provided by photographer Daniil Silantev.