I wouldn’t have noticed it myself but thanks to a news telecast I happened to walk by last afternoon I learned that spring is upon us. Spring has finally sprung.

But strange thoughts ran through my mind.

Why does today feel exactly the same as yesterday? Why will tomorrow probably feel the same too? It’s will still be dark in the early morning. The temperature will warm up in the day, and dip below zero at night. Everything will appears to still be dead and all wildlife sill continue to hide. 

Nothing is awake, but now its spring, so what does it mean?

This got me thinking.

Is it nature that is at fault for not fully realizing that it should change already, or that we superficially and arbitrarily selected this day to be the mathematical beginning of something new.

A new welcome season.

I think it goes without saying that its the latter which got me thinking so more. How many other things in our life have been marked out artificially on our behalf?

How many things that we do or don’t do have been marked like the coming of spring?

How many things in your life have already been predetermined?

I read a post by a sixty five year old woman yesterday who asked if there was any use in becoming a writer at her age. She now had a lot of time in her day to write, but was wondering if she should bother because she felt too old. She wondered if she should bother even though writing had been a passion of hers since she was a little girl.

She had always wanted to write stories, but life always got in the way. There was always important and grown up to do. Life was clearly marked out. The responsibilities were many, and the time to do such childish things like writing was scarce if non existent.

One person replied that it didn’t matter. She either had a story to write or she didn’t. She was old or she wasn’t. One had nothing to do with the other and besides, what if she lived til she was ninety five? How many great novels could she write over the next thirty years? So why not write. Write because you want to, not because someone told you that its the first day of spring.

I encourage you to examine the things you tell yourself.

Examine the patterns and movements of your soul.

What things have you neglected because it is either too silly or its not the right time.

You’re waiting for the freedom of summer. You’re waiting for your kids to grow up. You’re waiting to be debt free. Waiting for retirement. Waiting for the weekend.

Waiting for what?

There is nothing wrong with marking the coming of spring as long as you know that marking the coming of spring doesn’t replace spring itself. 

Spring moves at its own pace, just as your life and your dreams.

It may take years to see yours through, so you might as well begin.

Don’t wait til you’re sixty five to begin.

But if you find yourself there, begin anyway.