I had the pleasure of doing some headshots for the cast of Chicago yesterday morning and early afternoon. Typically I like to have an hour or two with a client and ask for multiple wardrobe options. It’s a bit strange because it is a portrait of a face, but the clothing a person is wearing really matters and makes a huge difference. People  are more comfortable when they are wearing something comfortable or sexy and it definitely translates into great photos. I need time for all of this but on Sunday all I got was five to ten minutes with everyone.

It went well.

It’s amazing what you can do when you don’t get what you want. 

I am certainly not saying it is better if we don’t get what we want because I certainly would have loved a full hour with everyone, but the lesson I learned is that you take what you get and you make the best of it. More, you turn whatever you get into a great experience.

I had an amazing time. I had music pumping and was getting everyone excited about having their portrait taken. I knew that some people were shy and this is the last thing they wanted. One young woman had the flu and certainly looked it. I was asked if I can do anything about that, to which I curtly replies NO, its the flue, what am I gonna do about that? I’m a photographer not a physician, but I digress a little.

Soon I will post all of the images on here as a follow up to this great day because it will show you what can happen when we let go of expectations and focus on the person right in front of us. That’s why so many people are talking about being present. About taking the time to know we are human and that we are alive. Seems silly, yes, but its so easy to get wrapped up in the weather, the tasks that await us at work, and the copious amounts of chores when we get home.

Being present is important. Making people comfortable and sharing a laugh with them is important too. Getting a great portrait of them is a must!


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@gojirars