Thanksgiving isn’t something to be celebrated, for just one long weekend in October. Being thankful and grateful, should become an illustrious, daily habit. A rare practice to behold today for sure, but a habit we must all consciously nurture and embrace. We can’t make any difference otherwise.

I don’t think this is a matter of nicety either.

I’m not just being poetic.

Saying thank you, or expressing gratitude, in a multiple of ways, is one of the better and surest paths to happiness. It should be a lot more common, or at least as common as breathing, but sometimes, some of us have been known to go for days, if not years, holding on to things that sink us, instead of embracing something that helps us to fly.

Thank you.

It’s an expression of gratitude. An acknowledgement of someone else’s time and gifts. A way to let them know that they matter. Matter to you, and that their contribution is invaluable.

But why are we so miserable?

Who has defecated in our cornflakes?

Why are we happily fighting over tiny grains of sand, in our termite infested sandbox, and jealously guard it against the prying hands of others? Fighting and hoarding fistfuls of it, not realizing, that the world full of deserts.

There is no reason to be miserable.

It is a choice. A commitment. A lifestyle.

But no, you say.

Listen, you don’t understand my problems. You don’t understand what I’ve been through. You can’t appreciate the complexity of my situation.


But when was the last time you were grateful?

Grateful for anything? Pleased and thankful for everything?

When was the last time?

With all the grudges and tales of woe, you catalog and incessantly update so often, is it any wonder you never find the time? When will you let go? Let go and appreciate the things that you otherwise take for granted. The things that go unnoticed.

Are you a sorcerer? Did you somehow magically turn on all the lights in your house?

And how long did it take you to grow, nurture, and pick all of the Arabica beans you’ve ground, and which are now percolating ever so beautifully, ready to be sipped?

Did you start a fire this morning so you could have a hot shower? And how long did you spend molding and shaping your very own bar of soap? Lavender and camomile.

How many hours did it take you to forge and sharpen your razor?

How many flowers did you pick, to spray that lovely fragrance on your neck?

Perhaps you will agree with me, that there is much to be grateful for. Much to be thankful for. And that much of our complaining only sinks us. Removes us from ourselves and each other.

With all the negative chatter and endless complaining that is in our life, how do we ever find the time to see and reflect on the things that matter.

Thank you for reading.

It’s the least I can do.

Thank you for being one of the few people that encourages me to keep going. That supports my efforts. Encourages me to share my thoughts, which would otherwise go unspoken.

You have done a magical thing for my life and I am eternally indebted to you.

This is where you protest and say that you haven’t done anything, but you’re wrong. Without your eyes and without your kind words of encouragement, all of this comes to a quick and inevitable end.

So, thank you for reading.

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for the journey so far.

I wish you God speed on yours.