Thank God it’s Monday.

It’s a new day.

A new beginning.

A rebirth of infinite possibilities.

The book was closed on yesterday. All your mistakes are done and over thing. Can’t do anything about it now.

It’t time to look forward. Time to get moving.

Time to shift. To adjust. To get at things.

I love Monday’s, but it was not always like this.

I think I love Monday’s more than I ever did.

I love Monday’s more than any other day of the week.

Sacrilege, I know.

I think most people dread it because it is the end of something. But for me, it is a sign and a promise.

Monday’s are my New Year’s day. Minus the confetti, the champagne, and the countdown. They give me a chance to make new resolutions. A chance to dream new dreams. An opportunity to become someone new. A chance to try again.

I love Monday’s.

I’ve had enough fun days.

I’ve had enough of laying around. Enough wishing, hoping, praying, delaying.

But don’t get me wrong, I don’t really wake up skipping and clapping either.

Getting back on the treadmill of life can be rough, but you can do it with a smile when it’s meaningful.

It’s not as rough when you know it means something.

When you’re not just waking up to put in another day at work. To go through the motions. Paying more bill and looking for more savings. Attending yet another mindless meeting. Working on things that doesn’t mean a flying duck.

It’s not easy getting back to work. Getting back into routine.

It’s not easy getting back into self improvement and self development.

It may not be easy but that’s exactly why I love Monday’s.

No other day offers such a strong invitation to do something.

No other day punches you in the nut sack. (Insert inappropriate and vulgar substitute of your own here).

Monday’s are not nice. They are unkind. They are never gentle. They are always demading.

They wake us up.

Yet we’ve learned to ignore them. We’ve learned to evade them.

We’ve become good at not beckoning their call.

We get by with our old habits. We cry over yesterday’s mistakes, call ourselves repugnant names, compare ourselves to others, and amuse ourselves until we are ready to praise the coming of Friday.

You should thank God today is Monday.

I hope you were violently and uncomfortably shaken awake from your slumber.

Be grateful that you’re not that too far gone.

Be thankful that today you have a chance at greatness.

It doesn’t matter how rough your morning was. How many coffee’s you’ve had already. How many times you’ve yelled at your kids to stop fighting with each other over such silly shit that the vein on your forehead is ready to pop.

None of it matters.

You’re awake and today is a day to look forward.

Monday’s are like the prophets of old.

They warn you of impending doom and call you to repentance.

Learn to love Monday’s.

If you do and you sure can, you will be proud that you’re not normal.

It’s not good to be normal.

It’s not good to wish and live for the weekend.

Mathematically that makes very little sense.

If you’re tired and bitter today. If you’re planning on dragging your ass and waiting for the weekend.

Maybe it’s time to face some truth.

Uncap your nut sack.

Maybe you don’t need Friday.

You’re in need of a new life.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Estee Janssens via