You are talented without measure. Without measure, and don’t shake your head because if you are truly honest with yourself you’ll admit that most of the time you don’t give yourself a chance. You take a pass. You don’t think you’re quite good enough. You let other people chase what they want, and admire them at a comfortable distance.

But you are talented without measure.

You’re human and that is why you have so much to give. Humans are very resourceful and extremely creative, if they want to be, otherwise they distract ourselves with meaningless things, they kill time, or are very mean to one another.

In order to avoid idleness and being mean to one another we have to embrace the truth of our nature. We have to accept the burden of being talented without measure, and in a sense it really is a burden. It is a light burden, not like the alternative, but it is indeed a burden.

With this burden you cannot let yourself off the hook by saying that you’re not good enough, because you are talented beyond your wildest dreams. And so you must work. Dedicate your energy and effort towards a singular purpose. You have to discipline yourself in order to be who you already are.

Many people dream out loud but do nothing about it. They have great ideas and the ability to change the world, but they never will because they are always weighing and measuring their worth against other people.

What if they didn’t? What if they believed in a world that is abundant and where everyone gets to contribute? That’s not the world they see, but that is the world that really exists. It exists but we are very good at rejecting ourselves before anyone else gets a chance to. We are good telling ourselves all kinds of mean things, and we somehow think that the insults we hurl at ourselves will hurt less than the mean words of a bully. But they hurt more, they hurt more because the bully has his or her own set of issues. They do not care for us that much. They would never, ever put in the effort we do to sabotage our own efforts and believe that we are not amazing people.

You’re amazing. No matter how you slice it. How you say it, or how you hold it. 

Each and every human being is a miracle onto themselves. If they learn to embrace and accept that miracle, they are capable of being and doing infinite number of exciting things. If they only let go and let themselves be who they are, pretty soon the whole world would know it too, and perhaps that is the problem. 

Perhaps our greatest fear is that once the world know, we cannot go back to our little nest. We cannot go back to our negative thinking and to our comfortable world of illusion.

Accepting that we are talented or great beyond all measure, as Marianne Williamson wrote so beautiful means that we have the courage to be who we are, to say no to things that divide us, and yes to things that share the best of us with the best of everyone else.

You are talented without measure, and that is left now, is for you to go and live it out.

Cover photo generously provided by photographer rawpixel.