Chris Cornell is dead.

Newspapers throughout the world are reporting this morning, that he died suddenly and unexpectedly.

He was one of my favourite voices.  It is a small list, but he was right up there with Sam Cooke, Freddy Mercury, Eddie Vedder, and Neil Young. 

Chris Cornell had a heart piercing voice and his lyrics cut you to the soul.   He was rare.  Gifted.  Honest.  Humble.  A courageous man who fought his demons valiantly. 

A man who made a deep impression on me. 

It is truly going to be a sad day. 

You won’t read my thoughts on social media.  I have no desire to commiserate with friends or strangers in an artificial manner, that doesn’t cut to the heart of the matter. 

All I am, is grateful for the music we have been blessed to have received over the years.  I am most grateful today, for Chris Cornell’s courage, talent, passion, and above all else, his capacity to love.

I know this is going to be a sad day, but I am not sad.  Not yet, anyway

It is hard to be sad, when you stop to think and realize that this was a man who lived his life doing what he loved. 

Unapologetically.  Humbly.  Relentlessly.

He was a spectacular human being that never stopped creating.  His passion and energy was contagious.  His thoughts and struggles were transparent.  He was vulnerable.  He also liked to take his boot to your teeth.

Sudden and unexpected.

That is our fate. 

Let’s live for today. 

Let’s not waste any more time on meaningless words, unfulfilled wishes, fragile sentiments, and memories of forgotten dreams.

Right now. 

Not suddenly, but purposefully.

Not unexpectedly, but with purpose.

Let the songs and memories of Chris Cornell reawaken our reason for being.