What it means to be strong and weak has been terribly misunderstood by many.

We have come to adorn the first and shun the other.

We have learned to flaunt our strengths like peacocks and we do our best to hide our weaknesses like a rapidly spreading disease.

But why?

Being good at something is clearly better than not being good at something. There is no denying that, but there is something missing here. What is hidden in all this, is how embarrassing it feels to be wrong, how preconditioned we are not to try new things, and how vicious we are with one another when we don’t get things right.

Real strength. True strength, lies in our ability to choose to do something. 

You may feel like driving your fist through someone’s ugly face because they deserve it, and they probably do, but being able to do so also gives you the power to grant them mercy. You can’t grant mercy, if you’re incapable of fighting in the first place. Knowing how to use your fist gives you the power to do so or not to do so. You have the ability to choose to do so, or not to do so.

The same can be said about human weaknesses.

There is strength in our weakness.

When we find ourselves confronted with the inability to do something, we have a choice to be either subjected to that weakness or to openly rage war against it.

We have choose to give in, or brace ourselves.

Sometimes this decision takes seconds.

Sometimes we flop about it, like a sunfish, fighting for her life on a hot wooden dock.

Strength and weakness both have the same noble mother and our happiness depends on getting them right.

Peace is not the absence of war. 

If you are unable to kick ass, you don’t really have the power not to kick ass. You cannot give what you don’t have. You cannot withhold what you don’t have in the first place. It is therefor important to grow and develop your talents to their fullest. But being good at something doesn’t mean you have to yield it over someone else.

If you can sing like an angel, that doesn’t mean, when you’re in a room, that you need to drown out everyone else's voice, who is trying to sing also.

There is room in this world for everyone. 

There is a stage for anyone.

There is a great need for birds of all skill levels to have their turn. To have their voice heard. The world needs more music. The world needs more voices. Of all shapes and sizes. Far more than it needs gossip, conflict, and war. Far more than it needs the voice of but one angel.

Take courage in your weaknesses.

Weakness offers you great strength.

A strength that comes from knowing what it means to be weak.

A great tenacity of spirit in knowing you’ve overcome something.

There is a great need today not to be afraid to show those we meet our vulnerability.

We must not hide our weakness.

We hide far too much, and what makes us weak has such great power to unite us to one another.

It is important that we see each other bleed. 

On the inside. 

So we don’t raise our fist against one another.

There is great strength in weakness.

There is untapped potential in getting it wrong.

In being wrong.

Don’t be afraid of your mistakes.

Believe in your yourself.

Be strong, despite being weak.