Stay faithful to your hopes and dreams. Stay faithful to your plans.

Don’t change your mind. Don’t adjust. Don’t deviate from what you dreamed and planned on doing. Don’t be tempted to stop what you’ve been working on. Unless you’ve failed.

See your plans til the end. Don’t stop until you either succeed or fail. Don’t ever stop mid way, leave things half finished, or you’ll forever curse yourself and wonder out loud what could have been and bemoan what should have been.

Stay faithful to your promises.

Stay faithful to your work.

It was sunny and warm when you started. The wind was at your back, and little birds serenaded your arrival. You were so motivated and excited. You were oozing and gushing success, but now it’s raining. It got dark, damp and cold. Your clothes are soaked. Your umbrella is bent and there is no sign of the rain letting up and so you’ve lost your desire to go on. You’ve lost your vigour do anything, except maybe retreat and quit.

Don’t quit.

Quitting should always be a well discerned decision. Devoid of any feelings.

There are certainly times when you should quit, but that is generally an exception to the rule. Most of the time you are facing your inner demons. You are facing the resistance. You are wrestling with your lizard brain.

When you find yourself working and building something that has never been before, you don’t quit. When you try to become someone you’ve never been, you don’t give up. When you’ve put some much work and longing into building a more meaningful life, you don’t just pack up and leave.

You’ll regret it. You’ll be right back where you started. You’ll be mad at yourself.

Stay faithful.

Faithful to the little things. Faithful to your determination to finish what you started, no matter how much you don’t want to. No matter how incompetent and useless you may feel. No matter if your work turns out to be a colossal failure. Despite the roadblocks. Despite the challenges. Despite the bad weather, internal, or otherwise.

There is always going to be resistance.

You knew that. You might have averted your eyes to it, but you knew it.

Every meaningful achievement demands a personal sacrifice. Your dreams test you to find out how much you really want what you say you want. How much you’re willing to fight for it. How long you’re willing to wait for it.

Life is prepared to push you as hard as she can to make sure you mean what you say and most importantly that you’ll cherish what you accomplished. Ingratitude is a deadly poison.

Don’t ever give up.

Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t give up on today. Hope in a better tomorrow.

Stay faithful to your plan.

The road that leads you there is never smooth. It’s full of obstacles, dead ends, and strange noises in the dark.

God writes straight with crooked lines and there are many days and many crooked lines.

Don’t stop until you get there. Don’t second guess the result.

Your job is to stay faithful.

There rest will be what it will be.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Jesse Orico via