I think we have been genetically predispositioned to instinctively compare ourselves to others.

We look around. 

We scan our competition. 

We are good and quick at identify the weak and the strong.  We have no problem on either extreme.  We have become masterfully swift at dismissing those who are lagging behind, and ignoring the ones who seem way out of our reach.

Finding the weak is easy.

Identifying the strong seems child play. 

It is the people who are very much like us, who share our dreams, that pose the greatest threat to our desires. 

The ones that are weak or strong are relatively harmless.  They are caricatures.  Unattainable and unreal. They have no impact on the way we think or act.  We don’t give up on our dreams, nor do we lose any momentum when we encounter them.  We never undertake to plot a different course of action.  We simply see for a moment and continue exactly as we were.

Yet, the individual who possesses a similar skill set to our own, who share our very dreams, becomes our competition and embodies our biggest struggle.

We are not very lucky when we meet them.

We meet them.  We talk to them.  We marvel at how great they are.  Dangerously and ever so slowly, we run the risk of becoming shaken, and accepting the reality that we are out of our league.

We are not a good writer.  A good wife.  A good musician.  A great accountant.

The risk is very serious. 

If not handled properly, those prickly souls, that seem to be so much better and so much closer to what we want and what we deserve; these quiet little souls, will bring us to utter ruin.

Take a breath.

They will do no such thing.

It is time we look at ourselves in the mirror.

(this is where you stop reading and go look in the mirror).

The eyes that are staring back at you, are your only competition.

You are looking at the eyes who control everything.  They have circumvented your many attempts at greatness, and they were there for you when it seemed impossible to get up from your failure and begin again.

I don’t think we spend enough time looking at ourselves in the mirror.  We spend too much time looking for people who make us want to quit.  We don’t spend enough time being grateful for everything that we have, or have accomplished.

We understand how great we are, but we don’t really believe in our own uniqueness.  We have all heard that we are a unique slow flake or that we all have one of a kind finger prints.  We know it to be intellectually true, but we treat it as nothing more than an afterthought or a poetic illusion.

Being special and unique is not for us, it is for someone else. 

Those thoughts and ideas are reserved for those people that have some kind of natural, God given talent, of which we have next to none.  It has been reserved for those who have been predestined, from the beginning of time, and know they are born to be great.

The person staring back at you in the mirror is very nice and all, but they are really nothing special.  They are only human.  Their finger prints are not worth much to fuss about, and they are certainly not a special snow flake.

It is time to be a special snowflake.

The way I feel and think these days, I’ll be anything you want me to be.  I’ll be a special snowflake or a fucking rainbow Unicorn. 

I’ll tap my head three times for how every long you tell me to, if it will bring me closer to who I am meant to be. 

I’ll wear a large metal noodle strainer on my head, to prevent my thoughts being read by the alien overlords who have come to earth, to harvest us for energy.

Ok.  Maybe I won’t wear the metal strainer, but everything else is fair game.

I am willing to try anything, and everything, provided that empirically, that scientifically, it begins to inch me closer to my goals.

I openly admit that I am a special fucking snowflake.

You are one as well.

The sooner we accept this to be true, and stop looking at other people, the sooner we can convert our talents into more talents.

Being great and feeling great, attracts other people who feel great and are up to some pretty great things.  A sort of synergy takes place when you meet them, and something has a chance to be born.  Something that would have never come to be otherwise.

There is a law of attraction that governs us.  I have nor read the book.  I have not seen the movie.  I am just very curious about the possibility of the idea.

What you project will come back to you.

Stop telling yourself that you are ugly, and then expect eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, to give you any attention.  Who in their right mind would want to take you on as a project?

It is time to look in the mirror.

Look into your eyes.

You are the only competition that matters.

It’s time to be somebody.

Be an F. N. Snowflake.