There are days like today when the words refuse to come. I have sat here for a very long time trying to figure out a way to shape my thoughts so that would make sense and be meaningful. However, if I wait any longer, the opportunity will pass and I will have nothing at all, and after all something is definitely much better than nothing.

So I’m writing about things not going according to plan. Those days when you are moving your wheels at a purposeful rapid speed, but the mud you’re sitting in just spins and spins all your efforts in vain.

What to do?

It’s difficult to know, but its important to push through.

Seth Godin calls it the dip. That low place we all inevitably get to where it is too far to turn back and too far to keep going. This is the place from which many people try to escape and they do escape. They quit. They give up. They turn the page on something that needed a little bit more work, a few more days, or a few more years.

This is the place where our fears and our insecurities rise up against us and they wage war on us and our beautiful purpose. Those are the moments you cannot forget to see the totality of everything. You must see that it is not necessarily one action that begets another, but its the spirit and the intention of something that gives birth to something unknown.

I have no idea where any of this is taking me. When I started I just wanted so badly to prove to myself that I was a competent writer. I wanted to have the discipline and the courage to write and ship my work. After a year I realized that I couldn’t do this for the rest of my life. Not that I couldn’t, but that I didn’t want to. I have other dreams which have awakened. So I capped this and made it a five year project, but there are days, like today, when I wonder who is ever going to read any of this. I ask myself if any of it really matters?

It has been said before. All these thoughts exist somewhere in a book somewhere. There is no reason to do it all over again, or is there?

A part of me writes for you and another part writes for me and sometimes it is a struggle and nothing comes easily or readily. That is the struggle. That is the struggle you must undertake if you are trying to lose weight. That is the struggle you have to burden if you’re trying to save your relationship. That is the struggle you take in anything and everything that we do.

We need to refuse to force our way into meaning. We have to let it come to us. We need life to show us what we were doing, because often we do not see the value of what and who we are.

You are very valuable. You are very important, so don’t get discouraged when you hit a dip, or when you reach a point in your day where you wonder what any of it’s for.

There. I’ve reach my word count and its amazing when the words don’t come, if you just ignore them, and do something else how you will come around full circle and get what you were looking for in the first place.

Sometimes it doesn’t come, but thats ok.

What’s important is that at some point it always does.


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