You say there is no time. Not enough time to do what you want. There is so little of it, and it always goes by so fast, so what are you to do?

Have you ever considered what your own body can do in just sixty seconds?

Your body is simply amazing. Take your eyes for example. The takes in huge quantities of information all the time and in just one minute your amazing brain manages to process somewhere in the neighbourhood of six hundred million bits of information. But your body is also made up of nerves and a single neutron is capable of sending as much as a thousand impulses a second for a grand total of about sixty thousand pulses a minute. Now, thats just one neuron, but take into account that our human brains have about two billion neurons, so every minute there are about 12,000,000,000,000,000 signals being sent, give or take a few.

Your beautiful eyes will blink about twenty times per minute. Think of it as your brains way of taking a short little break, cause that’s a whole lot of everything to process each and every second of your life.

Your lungs fill up with oxygen and expel carbon monoxide at a rate of about ten or twenty breaths a minute. Your heart beats about sixty to one hundred times in that same minute, and in that time the same heart manages to pump one and half gallons of blood throughout every part of you.

Your two kidney’s filter that blood and make sure it is as pure as it can be. How hard do they work you ask? They are capable of cleaning about one liter of blood each and every minute of your life.

Most people are capable of reading about three hundred words in a single minute, and their hand is capable of writing twenty or thirty words in that same minute.

It doesn’t seem like much, but the Gettysburg address, delivered by Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil war, which undeniably exclaimed the freedom and importance of all people, no matter who they are is two hundred and seventy words. Well under your ability to read it in just about a minute.

And if you’re going to do some writing, consider that I have a dream, is but four words, One small step for man, is only five, and min three words you can tell someone you love them.

All this in about a minute.

Perhaps there is some time after all. Maybe our bodies and our minds are capable of doing and being far more than we aspire or allow ourselves to be.

How about making the next few minutes of your life different. How about, like blinking throughout a minute, we pepper some meaning throughout our day, and ultimately throughout our whole life.

There is much you can do. There is much you can do and be because you have been given so much to work with. You are amazing and powerful beyond measure. You are a human being that was given a chance to fly. To soar above the earth and see and taste what so few manage to taste. If you don’t you will still be great, just like an airplane stowed away in a hanger is still an airplane, but that airplane only serves its purpose when it takes flight. 

Your life also, is best served, when you choose to live it minute by minute.

Cover photo generously provided by photographer Leio McLaren |