There is plenty of room for everyone.

Especially you.

So abandon the the ugly idea that we are all just living on a thin raft. That our resources are scarce. That nobody wants to share or support one another. Yes, some questionable characters, of which there are a few, do try to horde and control everything, but all empires eventually die away, and nobody, no matter how powerful, lasts forever. Bu all little voices eventually get heard, and more often than not make a great deal of difference in the world.

Just ask yourself what you would like to read. Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kempf, which was forced on an entire nation, or Anne Frank’s, very private, Diary of a Young Girl, which was never meant to see the light of day?

I hope you get my point?

There is plenty of room for all of us.

So what are you waiting for?

Life will not send you an invitation. 

You were thrust into this world, without permission, so consider that your one and only invitation. Your birth was a marvellous initiation into the magical possibilities of things. A prelude to the meaning of anything and everything you put your mind into.

I want to know what you think, how you see the world, and what you’ve been through. I would like to see what you can contribute to the already strong chorus of human voices everywhere.

There is no reason to be discouraged by the many voices. There are many, bu just because there are many voices, and just because some are better than others, doesn’t mean that your voice is not important, or that it can’t strengthen and add value to the chorus.

Life is not meant to be a solo performance. Far from it.

The one individual is really nothing without her choir, without a drummer, or a metronome. Someone has to keep time. Fill the room with passion. Without the we, there would be no need for you. There would be no need for anyone.

Yet, here you are, full of untapped potential, sitting and waiting for permission to decide if this is the moment. If this is indeed your expected turn.

Your hand is up. Way up. It’s been up for a long while. 

You’ve waved it. Stretched it as far as it will go.

You momentarily brought it down for a rest, but briefly as not to be overlooked once again.

You’ve held your hand tirelessly. 



You’ve waited and waited and waited for something to happen.

Stop waiting. 

Pick yourself.

Stop thinking that there’s no room or place for you in this world.

That your life, your work, or your contribution don’t really matter or is insignificant.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

You cannot see what they have been through or what it costs them to do what they do. Only they know, and the only thing you should ever take away from their life, is their spirit of determination, and their tenacity to create something.

You’re not limited and trapped. You’re not useless. There is plenty of everything you’ll ever need.

No. Its not magic. It’s not instant.

You’re not going to find a benevolent benefactor or wise Jedi master to guide you through your struggles and dreams.

But I promise you, that if you start walking forward towards something. If you dare to make a push, you will find always what you need. It’s an abundant place out there. Full of people that will surprise you and help you along the way.

So don’t be afraid to sing.

You don’t have to ask. You’re part of the choir.

You only need to take your place.

Learn the damn song.

Sing it, like only you can.

Sing dammit!