Our lives are filled with second chances. There are millions and millions of them that present themselves over and over again in a lifetime and yet we don’t take advantage of enough of them. We live pretty fatalistic lives. Allowing things happen to us. Accepting the finality of a situation when we fail and stay down too long because we have gotten used to it. 

We often accept things as inevitable when they don’t go our way. We fill our mind with I told you so, and I always knew this would happen. This makes us hesitate to rise, but despite everything, despite our fatalistic ways, we are free, we were born free, free to determine our lives and free to pursue happiness. We need to therefor dare and embrace more second chances.

Not every thing in life comes with a second chance. Some things never swing by again, and some acts committed by those around us are so heinous that they deserve to remain buried and far in the distance. The the majority of our lives come with multiple opportunities to get it right. You can learn to cook by simply cooking again and again, after all at some point in the day you are going to have to eat. You can learn how to swim at the twilight of your life, even if you abjured the idea in your youth. You can learn how to sing, play the cello, ride a horse, write a book, become a better mother of father to your children or your grandchildren. 

We live lives of second chances. In a perpetual time of infinite possibilities. Our reality is never ending. Our freedom is absolute. That is if we believe it, accept it, and use it to our advantage.

Why should you stay down? Why should you let other determine your life and your potential for happiness? I know that this happens each and every day and that it is a far too common reality in the eyes of those you meet every day, but you can’t save them, you can only save yourself. You can save yourself from yourself, by accepting that you are never finished, and that there will alway be a second chance.

When we grow up we put away so called childish things. Playing, exploring, experimenting, and doing things for no monetary reason. We put these things away in hopes of a bright future and when we get there we find ourselves in a mess.

The way out of that mess is to begin to play, explore, experiment and to do things because we want to do them. We need to rediscover our second childhood. Rediscover a love for life we had when we were children, and yet uneducated. I sometimes wonder how much damage is caused breaking down a child’s wills so they can become a productive members of society.

We need second chances and we don’t have look too far to find them. They are every where. We are surrounded by millions and millions of second chances, we just have to find a way to take those chances. We have to find a way to let go of our fatalistic monetized monotony and embrace the unknown, the infinite, where anything can happen, and where dreams can come true.

Cover photo generously provided by photographer Louis Reed https://unsplash.com/@_louisreed