I was asked yesterday how I feel about children believing in Santa. One side of the argument goes that it is setting up children to have unrealistic views and ideas about the reality of our world. On the other side, the side I lend my voice too, lies the believe that children are children and should remain children as long as possible. More than that. As adults, we have to do everything we can to get back to that magical time when we believed things, when we thought anything and everything was possible.

It’s more than Santa!

It’s about believing in things that other don’t see and sometimes things that we can’t ever imagine being or having ourselves. 

We definitely need to go back to a simpler time in our minds and answer every challenge with a yes and even leap a little, or maybe leap a lot into things that will challenge and push us to be better. There is no danger in believing in Santa. I mean, how much worse can the materialism of our society get. How many Black Fridays’, Cyber Mondays, and Boxing Days do we need in our lives? How much do we spend looking for the perfect gift and forget to spend the time with those people we are so desperately trying to please with our perfect gift. 

Santa is not the problem. I think Santa is the solution. The idea is powerful. The idea that for no reason and because you’re a child, you will wake up one morning and under the Christmas tree will be presents for you to open. Gifts given to you simply because it is you. Just like real life. You have been given many gifts. Some you know and others you either forgot or are too shy to accept. But regardless of how we see ourselves, we are all talented, incredible human beings. Each and every one of us.

And we need to believe in Santa. We have to. It will make a difference. But believe long past Christmas. Believe all year long, and live and let others see that you believe. They are waiting to see someone doing what they desire, so show them your faith. Show them Santa by the way you French kiss each and every morning.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@mikearney