I think we are all called to greatness. All of us, without exception, and that especially includes you.

I think this is why we are here although some of us get lost along the way. We forget and ignore what we can be and instead focus our efforts reminding ourselves  what we are not, and in the most desperate cases, what we are never going to be.

We can’t will greatness. It is something that needs to be harnessed, purposefully and diligently. And then there is sacrifice.

I was reminded of that last night at the movie theatre. I marvel at how far we have pushed film making because although we were all born with it in our lives, it is a relatively new form of artistic expression. I was reminded last night of sacrifice. It was strange because that movie made me think of all the other movies where a character sacrifices their life for a greater good. Suddenly I saw it. Every movie is like that. Life has a way of pushing us to be greater than we are willing to accept. 

We do heroic things all of the time. We become who we need to become, because somebody else needs us to become them. 

I’m not going to make a list but if you search your life you’re going to see moment after moment of heroism. It sometimes takes us our whole life to see it, and sometimes through art, we marvel that other people, far, far away, can see and feel the same us as. 

We’re all meant to be great and we should take that seriously. It’s not wishful thinking, but what could be and what was certainly meant to be.

photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@censey