I have always loved sleep and am very lucky that when my head hits the pillow I go off to strange places and I don’t even remember where I have been when I wake up. This is not the case for other people I surmise. I had a case of that at school yesterday, when a young lady was acting very strangely and was very suggestible. After chatting for a bit I learned that she has not had sleep for a long time. I told her that it didn’t matter what she did school wise or what dreams she had, she first had to let her body do what her body was designed to do.

There are many risks when we don’t sleep. Here are some…

1. You get sick with a cold – sometimes a lot

2. Your heart suffers – which makes sense because it doesn’t get to rest

3. Women have a higher chance of breast cancer and men prostate cancer

4. You can’t think – which is tricky if you need to make good decisions

5. You forget stuff – which can’t be too good either

6. Your libido diminishes – I guess this depends if you have a partner or not

7. You gain weight – which slows you down

8. You risk developing diabetes – cause you eat more to maintain energy

9. Your skin suffers – and we’re not snakes10. You’re accident prone – without the feel good effects of alcohol

The risks are substantial and I think that we all need as much sleep as we can get. If we are able the sleep we need a strange thing happens. We function better, are clear headed, emotionally balanced and are able to chase tangible dreams in our life.

Sleep and rest seems like a no brainer, but for some it is strangely only a luxury.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@brucemars