Well holy spitballs. My quiet oasis in Ajax has been overrun with people buying reusable red cups for Christmas. Usually it is me and one other gentleman, doing our thing on our laptops, but day, I count about twenty people along with me, all buying red cups so they can save $0.50 after 2pm until Christmas.

I find this experience fascinating. It’s fascinating because it’s steady. People come and people go and there continues to be a line up, and for what? For a cup of coffee in a red cup for about a month after 2pm.

Think about that. People went out of their way to save at best $15 if they have a coffee from Starbucks each and every day, but that is probably false because they didn’t buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks each and every day. So why are they here?

This is fascinating.

I think they are here because they have told themselves a story. Consciously or unconsciously of how it will feel to show up later this month with their red cup and be the envy of the coffee drinkers. They are no longer coffee drinkers. They are the red cup coffee drinkers. People who cared enough to show up early in the morning, because the cups will run out fast. They fought snow and probably some early morning traffic in order to tell a story.

So why don’t we tell a story ourselves.

Why don’t we take something we really want in our life and start telling the story we want to hear. Why don’t we wake up early, show up as often as we need to. Why don’t we keep going way past Christmas when everyone here at Starbucks will no longer have a story to tell.

So what’s our red cup? 

What are we going to do and wake up early for tomorrow? What’s our dream, vision, and passion? Let’s see it, grab it, and get a cup of it every single day.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@dmichuda