I am convinced that we emanate and broadcast our very own set of human frequencies, just like radio waves.  We inimitably transmit who we are, where we have been, and where we wish to go.  The people we encounter every day, will either tune into our frequency, or else they will listen for someone else. 

Of course, I have no proof for any of this, except for some empirical evidence I have gathered over the last little while.

Common pick pockets who ply their trade throughout the world, can easily identify and take advantage of a distracted tourist, because that is the specific frequency they tuned into. 

Police officers, likewise, do the same.  They have set their mind on the prevention of crime, and they very often, with uncanny accuracy, identify potential dangers, before they happen.

Experienced teachers know which student has done their homework and which one stayed up late, binge watching television shows on Netflix. The list of excuses and tears, generally stems from the same type of mind, and becomes easy to identify over time. 

Students and teachers emit their own frequencies. 

Students know, for example, when a teacher is going through the motions, and they act out accordingly.  They make the life of that teacher a bit more miserable in the process.

What’s your frequency?

You sit at home in your comfy, torn, but sweaty, hand me down joggers and a haggard t-shirt.  You shower infrequently, and only when you finally can’t stand the foul stench of your very own flesh.  You don’t read.  You don’t write.  You don’t go out anywhere.  You don’t exercise.  You smear your mouth with fat and sugar.  You shop at thrift stores, and are always first to arrive at every garage sale.  You bitch and moan about how the world is going to end, or about the terrible weather, or perhaps how deadly tired you are. 


Deep inside, your heart and soul, dreams of dating a supermodel.

Which supermodel, in her right mind, or a mind that has been heavily molested with untold number of pills, would ever consider dating a sweaty, funky, fat, cheap, deleterious man? (Yes, deleterious, the thesaurus is a marvelous thing).

You must know your frequency.

If you are Baptist, don’t look for others just like you in synagogues or mosques.  If you are an artist, start sharing your art with the world, so that other artists may tune into your frequency and respond in kind.

If you want kindness, give it.

If you want love, give it.

If you want your dreams to come true, do something about it.

Tell people.  Develop good habits.  Dig your ditch.  Steal more time.  Ship your work. 


You and I are the same.  We have the freedom to choose at what frequency we will operate today. 

The negative thoughts that will escape your mouth, will undoubtedly return to you, most likely, from the lips of another cancerous soul. 

Become self-aware. 


Do some good today.  Think good thoughts.

Lift someone up.

Raise your frequency