I am becoming more and more aware of falling into the rabbit hole. I am unable to avoid all of them mind you. I set down to do this thing and next thing I know I am doing that thing and the original thing that needed to get doing doesn’t get done. But I am more aware of the rabbit holes in my life and I manage to avoid a few of them each day and I believe that is making a difference in my life.

Setting priorities for the day is important but there are so many things that happen, good and bad that change the variables so often. It is difficult to stick to those priorities but that is an imperative ingredient for success and happiness.

Each day I aim to do at least one thing that gets me closer to where I want to go. I got this from a book called The One Thing. The goal is not to work harder but smarter and when all is said and done the work should be either getting easier or unnecessary to begin with.

In my photography I am learning to just spend some money and farm out some of the work I have been doing by myself. Editing photos for example or purchasing layouts for posters. These can be easily taken care of by another party and the time is best spent thinking and connecting with others to land more clients.

Same with writing. I have not edited a single word in volume 2 or 3 of my Quintessential Quotable series this summer but when I start up again, I will do it one entry at a time, methodically, like these daily writing, until by some miracle and force of nature it is completed.

Rabbit holes are everywhere or maybe they are hamster wheels. We get on spin them super fast, feel exhausted but don’t really make any forward progress.

Forward progress is the key measuring tool, but than again if you don’t have a written plan of action to begin with, how are you to assess if you reached your goals or not.

We gotta write that shit down. We have to be disciplined to execute and check back often to know where we are so we can make things easier and most importantly unnecessary.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@shannonlitt