I have come not to rely on my feelings which is not such an easy thing to do because it is a hell of a lot easier to do anything when you feel good about something. But those feelings come and go. They come to us and leave us as they want to, like the rain and the thunder. Here one day and then gone another. 

Relying on our feelings to motivate us to do what we need to do today so that when we wake up somewhere in the future of tomorrow is not the best strategy. Not that works anyway because there will always be something. You’ll be tired. It will be raining. Shit will go wrong and poof! All those wonderful feelings that everything is going according to plan are gone.

It is in those moments that I have learned to go back to my day planner and simply get to the next thing on the list. Some days are so bad that getting anything done off the list presents a challenge too. Nothing comes easy but something always can get done. Even if its just putting the recycling in the bin or doing the dishes. Something will always be something. It will always lead to more somethings, but nothing is, well, nothing, and will forever remain nothing.

This is not easy but it is necessary.

Necessary to be successful, necessary to live a meaningful life, and necessary for our sanity.

I love when I am motivated and my feelings are tap-dancing with my wants and desires, but for any other day, and there are a lot of them, hard work is a dependable friend. One I am embracing more and more.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@jgruent