We all fill our day with copious amounts of idle chatter and there is nothing wrong with idle chatter either. We all need it and we like it. We like it and it makes us beautifully human and builds strong bonds with one another. Purposeful conversations however, are very often few and far between. They are either neglected or forgotten. They are sometimes tough to have because they give us no choice but to act or change, if we hope to get at our dreams with some sense of purpose.

Purposeful conversations have a goal, a concrete, attainable goal. They are anything but idle. We need to engage in those purposeful conversations because we have need something something. We need something specific solved that may be holding us back or we have an insatiable dream of getting somewhere, of being somewhere. Purposeful conversations engage us with other minds and help us to see beyond our own minds. They rescue us from the limiting experience we hold and make us better.

So why don’t we do it more often? Why do we spend so much time in various business and staff meetings that solve absolutely nothing, do nothing, but waste time, and drain our energy?

Why don’t we have purposeful conversations?

I think we should and we must. It might only be possible once a month, or if you’re really moving at a good pace, once a week. But no matter the frequency, it is imperative that you get together with other hopeful, optimistic dreamers and you discuss what you know, how you got to where you are, and you help each other move more assuredly in the right direction.

Hope and optimisms are at a premium.

Purposeful conversations are at a premium too.

But it makes sense doesn’t it? It’s not much fun talking to yourself. It’s not much fun to have a cloud of disorganized thoughts flutter about your brain without purpose. Finding people of like minded spirit and drive. Getting together with them physically and discussing specific and tangible things are a way to get out of ourselves and to push ourselves forward.

Purposeful conversations can propel your dreams like nothing else because we are not very good mirrors for ourselves, but we become very good mirrors for others. We can see who the other person is, what they wants, and we can offer solutions or new paths to get there.

Hope and optimism. Solutions to problems. Maps. Plans. Experience is being there. Resources. Contacts and sharing a network of people. This is what lies hidden deep inside meaningful, purposeful conversations.

When you get to the point where you are no longer making much traction, don’t do it alone, find someone who needs exactly what you need. Find another writer, photographer, entrepreneur, musician, or someone else that is single and wants to dance the night away.

Find them and test them for genuine hope and optimism (don’t skip this step). Engage them on a regular basis in regularly prescribed discussion.

You don’t need new dreams. You don’t need more plans.

Purposeful conversations will help you to see whats next.

They will unburden you and thrust you forward.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Joshua Ness via unsplash.com