I received a wonderful compliment last week which I have been thinking about ever since. I was told that I had an amazing ability to prioritize what is most important in my life and get after it. It may not be a super power and it may not be something that most people wish they were better at, including myself, but it is quite handy.

I think the world is full of rabbit holes. Things that come up in our lives that get us away from ourselves, what’s important and what we dream about. There are lots of rabbit holes and I have fallen in my share of them, and I am sure I will fall into a lot more. 

Prioritizing the important things in our life is very important and one day to do that is to have a this will happen no matter what list. I don’t have a lot of items on that list but it does keep me honest and helps me move forward. These morning writing are on the list. Family obligations with my sons Rep hockey and my daughters Horseback riding lessons are on that list as well. I put any imperative work like marking and report card making on that list. I could go on but it would be more fruitful if you thought about all the things that are on yours.

What’s on your must do, no matter what, rain or shine, sick or not list?

Now ask yourself if what you really want out of life are on this list? Often they are just below it. The secondary list of will get to the moment I get a moment and not have so much pressure on my life. This is an important list as well, but our dreams cannot live here. If they do, we will be more prone to spending most of our time doing what other people want instead of getting at what gives us meaning.

I want to clarify that sometimes this sounds selfish but it isn’t. It can be selfish but it doesn’t have to be. Chasing your dreams as an adult is a wonderful thing for children to see. They have so many questions and so much energy but they watch everything we do. I think to the extend that they see us engaged and in love with life, they will in turn respond. I don’t have any scientific theories to back this up, just real life experience. I certainly did it, and now I see my own children doing it.

Cheers to the superpower of prioritizing. Of saying NO to this, and saying YES to that. Most importantly. Cheers to being in love with living.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@kris_ricepees