pray, hope, and don’t worry

I walk by this large sign every day.  I see the message clearly and mistakenly.  I think I understand what it says and conveys.  Yet, it has been nothing more than background noise in my visual consciousness and for the most part I have learned to simply ignored it.  But yesterday, for some unknown reason, I stopped and uncharacteristically marvelled at its message.

1. pray

2. hope

3. don’t worry

But what about work?

Cognitively, I get it.  We live in a very complicated, demanding and stressful construct.  We worry about nearly everything, and here we are offered a tangible and simple relief from a seemingly vicious cycle.

For some reason though, I don’t believe it will work.

There are indeed certain moments in our life when we need to take ourselves a little less seriously.  We need to take a deep breath, and not try so hard.  There are moments when we need to turn to a higher power, to ready our petitions, and remain hopeful and worry free.

But why not work for the solution?

Why not ask tough questions?  Demand change?  Risk an undesirable consequence?


It is the forgotten gift from God.

Rubbing our brain cells together and making our body move with purpose.


Why not cut things out of our life that are killing us?  Why not do the same with the toxic people that have our attention? 

I have a rule.  When a new acquaintance on Facebook posts three negative exclamations on Facebook, I simply unfollow them.  If they are ignorant or racist, even less.

It’s not personal. 

I’m just trying to exercise my freedom to be who I want to become.  I purge and flush, everything that smells a little stinky.  I have zero interest to be suffocated by the backed up minds of small minded people.


Work for it.  Try. 

Accept that you will fail. 

Try again. 


It’s amazing what happens to fear and anxiety, when we become tired and exhausted, trying to build the City of God. 

A city for everyone.

A city of hope.