The more I venture down this rabbit hole of success, the more I see and hear when people are negative and positive. I think the hardest part is hearing it in our own speech because it is very difficult to both talk and listen and sometimes you have let others do the listening for you.

Words have great meaning and value. We take them for granted. We employ them and treat them rough sometimes. Let’s take the word joy for example, I bet you that you as the reader and me as the writer do not think of joy in the same way.

Let’s do a little exercise. Stop reading and write down five words that come to mind when you think of the word joy. Mine will be at the bottom of this entry and if I may be bold in my prediction, I believe your words will be different than mine. I also think mine will be different a few days from now, once I forget what I was thinking and think about it again for the second time. That’s because things always change, we change, and it is important therefor to listen.

I used to roll my eyes and make fun of the idea of trying to be positive. For me this was something that you either had or you didn’t. Positivity, happiness, and success either found you, you found it, or you didn’t. But that is not how it is.

I have come to truly believe that the mind we have been given offers us tremendous opportunity. An opportunity to live meaningful lives and have everything we want in the time that we are given. This won’t happen if we are negative, but it can and will if as they say, we put our mind to it.

Positivity. True positivity is contagious. At first people make fun of it, like I did, but we never take our gaze off it. We stop observing if it is true, because deep down we want to be positive. The whole world wants to be positive. We are just waiting to see it in action.

I know that I have to keep working on myself that I can’t get to the end if at the very beginning I am sabotaging myself and preventing my own success. It is one thing to hear and see that it is raining outside. It is another to choose to go outside without an umbrella and if you’re positive you’re aware of the rain, but more importantly the reason you wanted to go outside in the first place.

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