I may have signed up a little early for the Fellowship Podcast this summer, being unable to really devote any time to it, but as the photography rebranding is winding down a touch I have more time to focus on it.

I have two ideas for a podcast that I will be recording. The first is a natural extension of my Quintessential Quotable series. There will be twelve seasons, mirroring all of the books and if you have the book you could probably guess that there will be thirty one episodes.

I want to devote one episode to each of the authors in the volume. My ideas are still very much in the development stage but I was thinking of giving some information about the author I used, perhaps the reason why I chose them. I want to go into the meaning of the quote and most importantly this podcast will give me an opportunity to mention and explore other quotes by the same author and offer some more insights.

The second podcast came to me yesterday. I have wanted to write a book about my friend Winston Roberts, several years before he died. I have some recordings of him in my possession talking about bodybuilding and talking about his life. An idea came to me that I should begin with a podcast. It is tentatively called ‘Finding Winty’ and it will be a combination of interviews with people who knew him, my own reflections and memories as well as bits and pieces of the audio clips I have captured over the years.

I am excited to get these things in the world. None of them will make me rich but I know deep down that they are worth pursuing. I don’t know where this will lead me but I am certainly willing and focused on finding out.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@austindistel