Life is full of surprises and ever since I have become more aware of what is happening in my life I am amazed at how it flows and how amazing everything is.

Yesterday was an amazing day when I contrast it with Sunday. Sunday was a lazy, unproductive, stagnant kind of a day. It was the kind of day I wanted to run away from and hide. Sunday is what I have done my entire life and am on guard against.

Monday was different. For whatever reason shitz gotz done.

It got done. It got done well, it got done often and life was completely different and yet I am beginning to see how Sunday and Monday are related.

I have read and heard authors talk about how when they are not very creative they make sure they drive themselves into pure boredom. That when they finally achieve the depths of stagnation, for some reason, they spring back and the work they create is something spectacular. I had a taste of that I think. It is nothing specific really. I can’t point to this or that, but things just flowed. Work got done that needed to get done. Life looks so much different twenty four hours later than it did twenty four hours earlier.

I have to remind myself of that. I have to remember that everything is constantly changing and that the smallest pittance of effort does truly matter. What is not very usable or useful today may indeed become a corner stone on which your dreams are built on.

Life is full of surprises. Life is an amazing thing.

I am grateful for it and ready for the next dip, but if it doesn’t come for a little while, I will be perfectly fine with that too!


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