Details are important. As a matter of fact, they may be more important than the important things provided you have mastered the important things. 

Details matter a lot because it shows that you are paying attention. It shows that you care enough to take the time to understand things that other people only glance over. If you want to know who really cares and who is giving lip service, the devil is in the details they say, and they are absolutely right.

The little things matter and when you hear the concerns of other people and are able to focus on the little things a great bond is formed. It’s the natural consequence of caring.

Take the work I am doing on the concert we are promoting this Saturday. The artists have requested a few things to make their stay and performance memorable. I have paid great attention to that detail in order to ensure everything is as it should be. Not because I am worried that someone will notice and get angry but because I understand that their happiness means a better performance on stage, and a better performance on stage means that all those people who have trusted us and bought tickets to the show will have a wonderful evening.

It’s that simple. The little things connect us to people. Many others don’t bother with the details. They are either distracted or can’t be bothered with the matter. But that is a big mistake. It takes a bit of effort and some thought to care, but else can be more important anyhow?


The key to every human interaction is to connect and serve people and the best and most direct way is to pay attention to their needs and focus on the details.


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