Today is the day I arrived to Canada some thirty four years ago, and on my dear mothers birthday none the less. It was an exciting time for me. All my classmates were jealous or just happy for the opportunity that we were getting. Poland at the time was not a very good place to live but what place is when the government is corrupt and using people for an idea.

My dad’s imprisonment and fight for justice won me this very opportunity. An opportunity to pursue my happiness and write each morning in a language that is not native to my heart. I can’t really repay him or my mother for where I am or how grateful I am for the live I have lived and am still to live, but I can cease the opportunity to do so. I think that if they were here they would be most happy with that.

Seizing a particular opportunity that presents itself in your life is very important. Choosing to spend time with someone you love is always a great opportunity. Reading good things, watching good things, eating right and exercising are all opportunities for a healthy and unbelievable future. It is a future we cannot imagine. We cannot imagine it because we cannot feel forward. The taste of a hamburger is immediate. How it feels not to sweat on a relatively cool day is not, but its not about food. I am probably just a little hungry.

You have to cease the opportunities that present themselves Don’t wait too long. Don’t sit on the fence. Simply commit and dedicate your time to something or run in the opposite direction and never think of it again. Don’t live in the middle. Not quite in and not really out. It serves you no good and it only wastes time.

When an opportunity presents itself, take it. You will either be right and better for it, or wrong and can most certainly recover. And that is the wonderful thing about being human. We are capable of using our failures as much as our successes, so there is really no reason why you should hesitate to be the person you want to be.

There is another important point about opportunities. They don’t come around once in a lifetime. Yes, some things are most certainly effected by time and some experiences are simply not repeatable, but the majority of things come and go. If you don’t cease on the opportunity that presents itself today, it will present itself again tomorrow or the next day. 

If you want to be someone, today is the perfect time to begin or to continue to develop the discipline to get there.

Don’t waste your talents, especially the ones you haven’t discovered you have yet. Give things a chance. Work hard. Aim to finish instead of being successful. It will take. You further. It might even take you to another country, far away from everything you’ve ever known, and you just might be very grateful for it.

Cover photo generously provided by photographer Mantas Hesthaven.