First week back to school is coming to an end and I feel great. I have learned that there is always more work and more work and more work to do. That part never seems to change. The important thing is to realize this and get to work at things when we can, and know how to look away and enjoy life a little.

This morning was absolutely beautiful. 

At 4:30 in the morning there was not a cloud to be seen anywhere and the stars looked so beautiful. I forgot how much I love looking at the stars and feeling small. Feeling small and imagining what else is going on in this amazing universe that we are all a part of. 

It’s really amazing when you think about it how small and insignificant we are, but how incredible at the same time because we are all unique and part of this beautiful universe. A bit philosophical, I know, but I am feeling a little philosophical this morning.

Those stars were incredible. Little tiny points of lights, sometimes shimmering begging the question of what is going on so far away. 

Not much was going on here. I got in my car after a while and drove an hour to get to work, but even that is amazing. The fact that I moved seventy kilometres in less than an hour, which a hundred years ago would have been a journey with several stops and several days.

I guess I am becoming aware how grateful I am to be alive right now. To have all this technology at my disposal, although I am cautious as to what I engage myself with. There is a real danger of falling in the rabbit hole, and interacting with technology that strips away our humanity and makes us frazzled and tired.

I can’t stop thinking about that beautiful sky and how much I want to leave teaching so that I have more time to do just that. 

Don’t get me wrong. I am so very happy to be stuck in such a great job that provides so much for me and my family but I also know that there is other work out there that is less sticky. I want to be less sticky and am willing to work for it.

I hope you look up at the sky too sometimes. Whatever that is. Fill in your metaphor here as you wish. I think it’s important to look up. It’s important to wonder and feel small. 

It’s important to treasure our time while we have it.


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