Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of one of those days.

It’s inevitable, like the changing of seasons, and the crashing, relentless waves of the sea, one of those days, is bound to impact your life and there is not much you can do about it. You can’t do anything about that day, it is out of your control, but you have much to do about how you treat yourself in that moment and much freedom how to handle it.

There is no point in getting into specifics on what kind of a day you or I might be having because each one of us is different and in reality, one person’s castle may be another person’s prison. What one of us yearns for, another one would gladly throw away.

Sometimes you just find yourself in one of those days, or a series of days, or perhaps even half a lifetime. You find yourself engulfed in feelings of intense loneliness, frustration, confusion or the best way to describe it is that you’re just feeling down. Down, for a specific reason or down because of nothing in particular.

There is no mistaking those days and there is simply no way of avoiding them, which holds in itself the clues what to do. I’m not sure why it is we have to experience those days. I am not sure what purpose they serve, but I trust that life is as it is supposed to be, which is why we must not fight, or make any rash decisions, but simply hold on, smile, and get through.

You have to get through those days. Perhaps you need to go to sleep earlier, work a little less, avoid human contact, or clean the house incessantly. It doesn’t matter the method you employ, but the goal is to get out, and not to solve the unsolvable problems such a day presents.

Most of all, it is important not to lose touch with who we are, and this is not that easy. It is easier for most people to use their down days to beat themselves up. They begin to think and regret all of the failures of their life. All those negative voices that were hidden and kept their distance,  one out of the shadows and begin to shout and demand to be heard. In the middle of those days, it is very exhausting to not give in to them, and throw curses in our own direction.

We can’t get rid of those voices. If they are there, they are there, but you cannot listen. You cannot take them seriously and you have to remember that they don’t live in the sunshine of your life, they lay dormant and only come out during one of those days.

Love yourself enough too avoid the temptation of being your worst enemy. It’s an enemy you cannot outrun or outwit, because they know you too well, and he or she always strikes from within. And it won’t help you to revisit old wounds or solve anything.

You may find yourself in one of those days soon, so I hope this little through can germinate in your mind until then, and remind you when it is time, that all storms pass, no day stays the same, and you deserve  a lot of kindness.

Love without compromise.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Rhand McCoy via