Tomorrow the world you know may look different. Just a little or a hell of a lot different. But  don’t be surprised with what you will discover, when you turn the page and arrive on the morrow, because tomorrow, and the day after that, there will also be another morrow.

Time is a funny thing. It keeps a steady beat of our time here, but it allows itself to be shaped and molded. It can seem to go so slow when we are in something we want to get out of, and move so uncomfortably fast, when we try to make something last. Time is not our play thing. Time is our drummer. It keeps a steady beat and while the timing changes, we remain the same.

You might find that the world looks different today or that it is not what you thought it would be. You find yourself living another day, earning another dollar, and reading about yet another mindless crime. The world you said goodnight to yesterday, is not the world you are saying good morning to this morning. The you of yesterday, is not the you of today, and the you of today will be replaced with the you of tomorrow. For some people this is a scary thing. They want their life to be a keepsake box. A box you can add experiences. An bank account of life you can withdraw from. But life is not a keepsake box, or like a bank account. Life is more like an Etch-a-sketch.

Yes, that brightly red, clunky Etch-a-sketch you might have played with for hours when you were a child. The thing you spent so much time in crafting which would ultimately have to be wiped clean so you can create something new. And there was nothing wrong with your creation. The you of yesterday loved what she made, but then came the you of tomorrow and she wanted something new, and so time was wiped to allow for a brand you experience and to make wave for a brand you day.

So rejoice. Time is not your enemy. Time is your drummer. It’s a law of living that keeps us honest and keeps us humble to want to experience more. For you can’t save anything. You can’t bank anything. You can’t predict anything. You can’t be anything for too long, which means we have to live. Yes, live. We have to change and grow and learn and live.

How marvellous. Think of the opportunities you will find on the morrow. Think of what will await you today and think of where you are hoping to get to tomorrow. All unpleasant things end, and all pleasant things never last. This is how things are supposed to be, so we can be who we are supposed to be. So we can dream, achieve, and live to discover a new dream.

Don’t be stubbornly ugly with time. Accept it for what it is. Accept your worth and your beauty and live the day accordingly. Make your beautiful masterpiece of today on your Etch-a-sketch, which you have been lent for a little while. Use it wisely. Tinker with it constantly, and learn to get excited to find yourself on the morrow.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Djim Loic via