I think I may have said yes to too many things or maybe I didn’t but timing is making them all converge upon me at the same time. I am a month into my teaching gig which I love, but marking is beginning to come in fast and furious. Hockey is in full swing and there is no letting up in horse back riding. I’m still working on my photography and trying to get my podcast off the ground. And compile all of that with the concert I am promoting in two weeks. What was I thinking?? (Laugh)

But it doesn’t matter what I was thinking because there is not much I can do except not look too far ahead and do what I can right now and let things be the best they can be.

It probably sounds a lot worse than it is and the work is mostly mental. My mind doesn’t like surprises so it goes over everything that could possibly go wrong and tries to prepare.

I’m not complaining. It is a better skill set I think than flying recklessly through but being an adult can get tiring sometimes. What’s amazing though is that these morning writings continue. They continue because I said they were going to continue and that’s just that. I have applied this to the rest of my life. I don’t care too much about how quickly things can happen or how ugly it all looks in the moment because in the end the important part is getting there. Once we get to where we want to go nobody really remembers the other stuff anyway. It all becomes part of the journey.

Not looking too far ahead is key when responsibilities abound. But I better call this an end and get back to some marking because those paragraphs are not going to mark themselves.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@markusspiske